Roof tiling under way at Gateway House 

Gateway House in roof tiling stage, by Casamia Homes
Casamia Homes are on schedule, with roof tiling well underway and nearing completion at Gateway House.

We are delighted to share that roof tiling is currently under way at Gateway House.

The careful selection of Staffordshire blue tiles not only adheres to the planning requirements but also adds a charming and timeless quality to the building. The contrast between the blue tiles and the stone and brick facades creates a visually appealing and harmonious combination that enhances the overall appeal of Gateway House.

With the roof tiling nearing completion, the next step in this project involves the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on the rear, southerly-facing roof. This sustainable energy solution is not only environmentally friendly but also showcases a forward-thinking approach to construction. The positioning of the PV panels on the southerly-facing roof ensures maximum sun exposure and energy efficiency, which will contribute to the building’s overall sustainability.

Both our team and the client are delighted with the progress and the quality of work achieved so far. Such a positive outlook is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire project team.

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